Art From The Oak

Graf_ von_ Faber_Castell_04

Pen of the Year 2012 by Graf von Faber-Castell

One of the leading names in the field of luxury pens Graf von Faber-Castell, has announced the Pen of The Year 2012. Combining ancient wetland Oak and luxurious Gold leaf, this Graf von Faber-Castell pen elevates natural beauty as none other. The unusual combinations of wood and fine metals bestow a special position in the market upon the Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Line fountain pens. Over time, the wood surface means every pen becomes personally unique. The enigmatic beauty of Oak is the result of thousands of years transforming the wood into gnarled textures resembling driftwood.

Graf_ von_ Faber_Castell_03

Making of the Pen of the Year 2012 by Graf von Faber-Castell

Master craftsmen hand-apply gold leaf perfectly and precisely to the grain of the wood. Using a fine squirrel-hair brush, they utilize a 4,000-year old technique that dates to the ancient Egyptians to bring the wood into intricately gilded beauty. All metal fittings are 24-carat Gold-plated and the pen is crowned on its cap by a chessboard-faceted Citrine gemstone. Limited edition of 1,500. Each individually numbered writing instrument is encased in a deep black wooden case along with a certificate attesting to the authenticity of the 24k gold and the 1700-year old German Oak wood.

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