Complexities Of Time

Grand Complications, which as the name suggests, are the epitome of mechanical genius. Highly complex masterpieces of micro-mechanical ingenuity. Minute repeaters watches have always ranked among the rarest, most precious, and most elaborate timepieces. In an extremely compact space, their intricate inner life brings together hundreds of individual parts that interact and function in harmony, or move next to each other with minimal clearances, without making contact. The objective of the effort is to strike the time displayed on the dial with the best possible acoustic sonority.

Patek_ Philippe_01

Patek Philippe Ladies First Minute Repeater, Ref. 7000, From the Grand Complications Series, 2011, Mechanical self-winding movement, 18K Rose Gold, Officer’s style. Cream-colored dial with the transfer-printed maker’s signature and the seconds scale in antique Rose surrounded by a convex Sapphire Crystal bezel. Nine applied Breguet numerals in 18K Rose Gold and dainty Rose Gold Pearls at the periphery of the dial (39 jewels) are placed along the hour and minute circles. Alligator leather hand-stitched strap in matt Mother-of-Pearl hue. A masterpiece that combines a magically reverberant sound with sophisticated technology and refined elegance.

Patek_ Philippe_02

This sophisticated face conceals no fewer than 342 individual parts of a highly complex movement. Technical finesse making time so seductively audible in an irresistibly feminine interpretation. Movements with minute repeaters are crafted in separate haute horlogerie ateliers at Patek Philippe, where one master watchmaker is responsible for the assembly, adjustment, and completion of each individual watch from start to finish. This work is entrusted only to the most talented watchmakers whose assets are sharp eyes and ears, a steady hand, infinite patience, and years of experience. Every detail is perfect. Of course, one expects nothing less from the Swiss manufacturer.