Bellagio Center


The Bellagio Center, also known as Villa Serbelloni, is situated above the small town of Bellagio Italy on hilly acres of park and garden located on Lake Como -the foothills of the Italian Alps. The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center regularly hosts policymakers, professionals, and thought-leaders, from around the world, for residencies, conferences, and candid, innovative exchanges of ideas. Former Bellagio residents have included writers Maya Angelou, Michael Ondaatje, composer Eve Beglarian, and contemporary artists Mona Hatoum and Alexander Apostol. Participants in the center’s conference program have included Nobel Laureates Henry Kissinger, Rajendra Pachauri, Shimon Peres, and Joseph Stiglitz.

The Foundation seeks applications from outstanding creative artists at all career stages with a record of significant achievement in their fields. Videographers, filmmakers, novelists, playwrights, poets, visual artists, and artists in performance art and multimedia from any country are welcome to apply. Projects in all fields are welcome, but there is a particular interest in projects that are inspired by or relates to global or social issues. The Arts & Literary Arts Residency competition opens on October 1, 2012 with a deadline of November 29, 2012. For a possible residency between August 19, 2013 to November 29, 2013. See Application Overview & Guidelines: here


The Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center’s mission is to promote innovation and identify impact-oriented solutions to critical global problems. The Foundation, through conferences and residency programs, supports the work of scholars, artists, thought leaders, policymakers, and practitioners who share in the Foundation’s pioneering mission to “promote the well-being of humanity.” The Center has launched major initiatives to strengthen global health systems, bolster resilience to climate change in poor communities around the world, mobilize an agricultural revolution in Africa, rebuild New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, strengthen the economic security of working families, and shape smarter, more sustainable transportation policies in the United States. This legacy, the serene work environment on the shore of Lake Como in northern Italy, the diverse groups of people, and the promise of future achievements make Bellagio an inspiring and productive forum for fostering positive change.

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