Inner Glow


Look Good Do Good. The German skin care company Dr.Hauschka which basis are the principles of anthroposophical medicine, recently launched a new collection of Limited Edition Lipsticks. More of a nurturing lip care stick than a mere cosmetic, each one is infused with moisturizing shea butter, rose hip, carrot extract, jojoba oils, and wax from carnauba, candelilla, rose blossoms and bees. The inspiration behind the range is ‘our natural Inner Glow’ and the colours are designed to enhance and radiate the natural beauty and colour of our lips. ” Like precious gemstones, subtle, translucent shades shimmer with warm color giving expression to an inner glow.” Available in five colors with universal, equal appeal (Beige Opal, Red Quartz, Pink Topaz, Violet Marble, and Rose Crystal). Colour shown is Red Quartz. The allure of natural beauty is undeniable. Got Glow? Yes.


Dr.Hauschka is a premium skin care line formulated to the highest standards. Using a holistic approach to skin care that keeps the big picture in mind. Every plant or mineral ingredient chosen for inclusion into their range of personal care products is based on the ingredients’ individual effect and the way it interacts with other ingredients. Packaging is eco-friendly, allowing for the formulation of products free of artificial preservatives. Skin care products that are designed to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle to reconnect us with our natural rhythms. Beauty does come from within and Dr.Hauschka reflects this in their holistic approach to great skin and product design.

Dr.Hauschka products are cruelty free and carry the BDIH ‘Certified Natural Cosmetics’ seal, ensuring that ingredients are sustainably sourced and produced using either bio-dynamic or certified organic agricultural methods. And the newly introduced Dr.Hauschka lipsticks from the Inner Glow Collection are formulated with certified organic castor seed oil. Since 2005, the brand has been working with an Indian non-governmental organization comprised of ecologically minded farmers to produce this oil. This cooperative effort has contributed to rebuilding the arid Kutch region of Northern India, which had been devastated by an earthquake in 2001. Today, 140 farmers have been organically certified, ensuring themselves a continual source of income and gaining financial independence through a guaranteed purchase price that is 15-18% higher than market price.

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