Elephant Love


From African Shower Ad Campaign for EDUN Spring/Summer 2013, Photographer:  Ryan McGinley, Art Director: Christopher Simmonds, Model: Mathew.

“African Shower”, is an evolution of New York photographer Ryan McGinley’s stunning Beautiful Rebels debut for the brand in Spring/Summer 2012, and my personal favorite, Birds of Prey in Fall/Winter 2012 -which references McGinley’s own “The Animal” series, depicting moments of spontaneous interaction between animals and people in a studio setting.

For this campaign, iconic of Africa and among the largest and most beautiful land animals, the elephant is pictured against a tropical rainbow of colors as the cast rejoice in the rainfall: a symbol of renewal, re-birth and a rare commodity in the world’s wildest continent. The duality at play in these compelling images and the unconventional and uplifting attitude throughout the campaign are all core values at the heart of EDUN’s brand communication for 2013. EDUN also aims to raise awareness of the plight of the African elephant and encourages all to help protect the endangered species, in partnership with WildAid, a non-profit foundation dedicated to ending illegal wildlife trade.


Following on from the Animal series, EDUN and WildAid collaborate on a collection of T-shirts featuring “Susie” the elephant. Purchase any limited edition t-shirt from EDUN and all proceeds will be donated to WILDAID to help raise the awareness of the African Elephant dilema.


African elephants are currently found in 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and their numbers fell from 1.3 million in 1979 to less than 600,000 today, as a result of the ivory trade. With 35,000 elephants killed per year, WildAid are working to educate consumers and reduce the demand for ivory products worldwide via their public service announcements and short form documentary pieces. WildAid is the only organization focused on reducing the demand for such wildlife products, with the strong and simple message: when the buying stops, the killing can too.

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