Eco Couture Jewels

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Not this one’s. I’ve always had mad love for the raw natural beauty of Emeralds. To The Artful Living Blog, it seems as if these rich green stones are imbued with magical powers. There is something primordial, nearly mythological, absolutely captivating, certainly exceptional, about them. No two Emeralds are the same.


Gemfields emerald-cut Emerald in a teardrop shape.

There are those extremely rare occasions in the jewelry industry when creativity and beauty meet social responsibility -and Gemfields is just that. While accountable for approximately 20% of the world’s mined Emeralds, Gemfields -a London-based natural resources company whose focus is on ethically produced Zambian emeralds that follow best practice, fair-trade, environmental, social and safety practices, isn’t just green in its stone supply, but also in its mission. With its state-of-the-art mining facility, Gemfields is able to produce a reliable and consistent conflict-free emerald supply from a responsible source. This means that consumers will be able to trace the origin of each gem from the source and can follow its journey to purchase.



As a leader in the ‘mine-to-market’ movement, they have made it their business to not only be transparent about from where each stone is mined, but to also see that the miner, miner’s family and miner’s town are provided for in education, healthcare and so much more. Looking through the company’s literature, you are just as likely to see pictures of miners and their community as you are a 35 carat Emerald. In an industry sometimes tainted by questionable practices, Gemfields’ ethos rests on the production of gems that are ethically mined and distributed. Its Kagem mine in Zambia, for example, has funded the creation of community schools, a medical centre and an agricultural-assistance program in the area. And the 2010 Emeralds for Elephants campaign was a pop-up collection of Bespoke Emerald Jewellery intended to raise critical awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant and to bring attention to the World Land Trust’s Indian Elephant Corridors Appeal -which raises funds to save vital habitat for elephants in India.


 Dominic Jones designed earrings with Gemfields Emeralds, Spring 2013.

And to show that you can flex serious eco responsible muscle and still be beautiful, Gemfields has gathered some of the world’s finest jewelry artisans and designers to bring a traveling collection of Emerald jewelry to life to illustrate just that. The collaboration with 37 international designers for an exclusive collection of colored gemstone jewelry was revealed at Phillips Auction House in London this week, traveling next through India and finally to Las Vegas, where it will be displayed at the Couture show in May. Gemfields’ designer partners include: Alexandra Mor, Amrapali, Jordan Askill, Fernando Jorge, Octium, Kimberly McDonald, Shaun Leane, Coomi
, Nam Cho,
 Ana de Costa, and a personal favorite, Dominic Jones, as well as Russian luxury brand Fabergé, which was acquired by Gemfields in 2012, when combined, brings fine-jewellery pedigree and a fashionable element to the brand. Beautiful. Brilliant. Bravo.

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