Satori Inspirations


Japanese plaster is a traditional interior wall finish used for hundreds of years in Japan for both residential and commercial spaces. Satori Japanese Wall Finishes are a natural earth sand based product which has been modernized to provide consistent color and durability. The coatings are applied by hand trowel similar to Venetian Italian plaster, however, the look and feel is distinctly Eastern as well as contemporary. A variety of exotic additives imported from Japan such as Japanese rice straw, silk fibers, glass beads, and seashells may be selected and combined with the plaster, for stunning results.


Satori finishes consist of the Elements, Universe, and Harmony series of wall coatings. Each series brings a unique richness and extraordinary look to interior design. Elements is natural and earthy, Universe is magical and shimmery and takes you out of the ordinary, and Harmony coatings are designed for blending an array of effects, offering “freedom from flat” results. Each series invites imagination for creating inspired, and truly atmospheric surroundings.


The meaning of Satori is individual enlightenment, and it is a complex process for anyone. Enlightenment can simply mean being true to one’s aspirations and feelings. And Satori finishes give you a way to express yourself in your surroundings with natural earth based elements, bringing balance, beauty, and harmony from nature into one’s life.


All of their additives and coatings -Certified SCS Indoor Advantage Gold for low VOC, are carefully selected, sourced globally and imported from Japan, and can be creatively combined to customize walls, giving you many possibilities. Even for the most discerning individualist. Satori Love!

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