Great Characters


The Montblanc Great Characters Leonardo da Vinci Fountain Pen

Leonardo da Vinci continues to fascinate and amaze an entire world with his genius, even five centuries after he passed away. Montblanc’s latest Great Character edition, the Limited Edition Leonardo, pays tribute to this brilliant artist and man of science, and it’s inspired from his great inventions and ideas. The writing instrument comes with a cap and barrel crafted from anodized aluminum, with polished platinum platted fittings that produce Leonardo’s studies for wedge connections that joined together different materials in his constructions, and a reference to the material now used to build today’s flying machines or airplanes. The red, gold-plated gear at the end of the clip reminds us of the cog wheels found in his drawings, while the cone shape of the pen was inspired from the double movement transmission designed by da Vinci. The nib is hand crafted from 750 gold and is rhodium plated, featuring a special engraving of da Vinci’s drawing of a bat he studied while drawing concepts of aerodynamics and flying machines. The Montblanc emblem in precious resin is unexpectedly concealed within the cap and its reflection can be seen in a mirror placed inside the cap top. A subtle reference to da Vinci’s practice of mirror writing so his personal notes, written from left to right, could only be deciphered using a mirror. Brilliant! The Montblanc Great Characters Limited Edition Leonardo consists of 3,000 fountain pens and 3,000 roller ball pens, all crafted in the finest European tradition. The collection is now available in Montblanc boutiques worldwide.


Montblanc -the German brand celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of some of the most extraordinary and luxurious writing instruments in the world, known for quality design, tradition, and master craftsmanship, first issued the Great Characters Editions in 2009, honoring the great figures of the 20th century who created history with their groundbreaking work, including Albert Einstein, Alfred Hitchcock Mahatma Gandhi.