Here & Elsewhere


Kamil Vojnar, Power Makes You Blind, mixed-media on paper, 17 x 17 in, 2013, Courtesy Galerie BMG © Kamil Vojnar.

A new series of work titled “Elsewhere” by the Czechoslovakian born, France-based, mixed media photographer Kamil Vojnar is on view now through 5 October, 2014 at Galerie BMG Woodstock, NY. As a self-taught photographer and painter, Kamil’s unique approach involves multiple layers of imagery using different photographs and textures. Sometimes he layers on canvas creating one-of-a-kind pieces, while others are digitally collaged on fine art paper in small editions. In both instances he varnishes the image with oil and wax, often applying additional oil paint, rendering each piece unique. His work is haunting, erotic, disturbing, tragically beautiful, and intriguingly unresolvable. His technique of multiple printings and re-printings of the same images combined and re-combined through collage, hand painting, and patina, mimics a process of constant interpretation in denial of fixed certainties. With a poetic sensibility and quiet strength, Vojnar’s work eloquently expresses all the sadness, uncertainty, and insurmountability that are hallmarks of our time.