Mind & Life Symposium


The International Symposium for Contemplative Studies will take place 30 October – 2 November, 2014, in Boston, MA. This gathering is convened by the Mind & Life Institute and will be the second biennial symposium. The interdisciplinary meeting will examine new ideas in overlapping fields of contemplative study with the goal of advancing our understanding of the human mind, and how mental training through contemplative practices can lead to reduced suffering, enhanced health and cognitive-emotional functioning, greater happiness, and increased social harmony. Keynote Speakers include: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Richard Davidson, David Germano, Arianna Huffington, Amishi Jha, Tania Singer, and Diana Chapman Walsh. With Master Lectures, Contemplative Teachers & Artists including: Richard Freeman, Roshi Joan Halifax, Jon Kabit-Zinn, Sharon Salzberg, and Greg Dunn, including more than 175 sessions covering groundbreaking research. Neuroscience, clinical science, philosophy, the humanities, contemplative education, economics, medicine, and much more -all under one roof. Great minds, great ideas, great research!


For the past 30 years, the Mind & Life Institute has pioneered the field of contemplative science. In pairing the oldest wisdom traditions with cutting-edge scientific research, contemplative science uncovers groundbreaking and holistic insights into the human mind and condition. Mind and Life’s work operates in an array of rigorous fields -neuroscience, psychology, education, medicine, ethics, religion, the humanities, and is always guided by the Institute’s larger mandate to alleviate suffering, cultivate kindness and compassion, and advance human flourishing. The Institute has affiliates including notable scientists, and Buddhist practitioners, the most distinguished of which is Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.