Summer Sunshine


Lemon Fresh Decor, Filling a bowl with fresh Lemons makes for a sunny Summer centerpiece. Lemon Yellow, the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum, is youthful, optimistic, and energizing. In almost every culture Yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth. And the fruit, with a scent that is singular, unisex, nostalgic, simple and clean, is always the right choice for Summer. A crisp fresh scent that rejuvenates the skin and mind. Add a bit of zest to your life with these citrus bright ideas that conjure up the sweet smell of Summer. #scentsational


Jane Iredale Lip Drink, Now in three color options Sheer, Buff & Crush, these moisturizing lip balms quench lips with long-lasting hydration thanks to the range of natural ingredients, Carrot Seed Oil and Avocado Oil to soothe and moisturize, Coffee Seed, Blackberry and Green Tea Leaf extracts, vitamin E & C for antioxidant benefits, and Lemon Peel Oil for a delicious fresh taste. From Iredale Mineral Cosmetics -a company committed to enhancing your most beautiful self through natural products that nurture your skin. Cosmetics that encourage your skin to breathe and your beauty to shine through. #letyourlightshine



I’m Fabulous Organic Lemonade Fragrance Oil, A fabulous mix of Citrus Essential Oils, Lemonade is a sparkly, effervescent and exotic citrus scent. In which no water or alcohol is used, just pure, organic oils without any chemical preservatives, stabilizers or additives. Lemonade from Lemons. Founded and developed by Anis Lacerte, a highly regarded medical aesthetician, I’m Fabulous produces super concentrated, organic skincare and beauty products that are formulated and manufactured in small batches to keep products fresh and the raw ingredients active. #superpowerbeauty


Kahina Giving Beauty Lemongrass Nettle Argan Soap, A gentle yet effective face and body cleanser with a bright, zesty Lemon scent. Crafted with a blend of moisture-rich Argan, Olive and Coconut Oils to cleanse and clarify without stripping the skin, and Lemongrass to minimizes pores and work as an anti-bacterial. With a rich moisturizing lemony lather, this is the perfect Summer soap -for those who like soap in Summer like me. Inspired by Morocco made in New York Kahina Giving Beauty is an organic line named for a Berber Queen and prophetess, a symbol of empowerment and a heroine for the Berber. Results-driven all-natural skincare based on highest quality Argan Oil, personally sourced and fairly traded. Founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, Katharine L’Heureux has built a holistic regimen around this multipurpose ingredient that enhances the lives of both the artisan and end-user. #inspiredbeauty


Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil, A vitalizing body oil that fortifies and firms the skin, while the uplifting, refreshing scent of Lemon Peel and Lemongrass extracts invigorates the body and senses. Formulated with Lemongrass, Mistletoe, field Horsetail and Lemon Peel, combined with Sunflower Oil, then carefully blended using unique rhythmic processing methods. With a scent that is light-filled, lovely, and lasting. Dr. Hauschka’s Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil evokes the feeling of having walked into a Lemon Grove in Italy on a Summer day, where the fragrance from the blossoms and newly fallen fruit surrounds you, creating a fresh, full of vitality ambiance. An exquisite Summer body oil from Dr. Hauschka -the holistic skincare brand that set the bar in the industry, creating products designed to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle to reconnect us with our natural, seasonal rhythms. #biodynamicbotanicals


Halston Heritage Maxi Dress, Halston Heritage welcomes the bright dress trend with a Lemon Yellow maxi, punctuated by soft, allover pleats and an ethereal, sheer overlay. Scoop neck, sleeveless, adjustable spaghetti straps, gathered neckline, finished with a detachable contrast faux leather belt for a defined silhouette. The maxi dress has become the “it” dress of Summer. Who knew that an early 1970’s staple would become a favorite trend in 2015? The maxi dress has it all. The dress provides freedom of movement, comfort, can be dressed up or dressed down, yet is glamorous. Available from the luxury American fashion house that still inspires fashion today through its evolving legacy as Halston Heritage and from Saks Fifth Avenue -whose flagship store has remained a presence in Midtown Manhattan since the early 1900’s. #modernvintageappeal


Organic Meyer Lemon Indoor Tree, The Meyer Lemon Tree -believed to be a cross between a Lemon tree and an Orange tree, is a suitable indoor tree because of its size. Self-pollinating and sun-loving, this tree produces fruit indoors as long as it is cared for properly and receives enough light. If you’re lucky, it will provide some flavorful, tangy citrus to use in your kitchen. Tip: To get citrus trees to reliably set fruit indoors, where no bees or other ambient pollinators are buzzing around, you can hand pollinate. Using an artist’s paintbrush, collect the Yellow pollen from the tips of the feathery anthers inside a flower. Then brush the pollen against the sticky surface of the stigma in the center of a blossom. Repeat with each flower. Lemon Trees are available from your local Farmers Market and fine Home & Garden Design stores such as Terrain -which combines the resources of a specialty nursery with the design-savvy furnishings and relaxed shopping experience of its sister store, Anthropologie. #growyourown


Breville Citrus Press, Crafted of die-cast aluminum and zinc with a brushed-stainless-steel exterior, built-in sensors activate juicing process once the press arm and fruit are in proper contact. You can count on this motorized press to squeeze every delicious drop of juice from your favorite citrus fruits, from Lemons, diminutive Limes to plump Grapefruits, with a gentle press of the handle. Available from Williams-Sonoma -the specialty retailer of high quality products for the home inspiring cooks everywhere. That began with a store in Sonoma, California, and took off and helped fuel a revolution in American cooking and entertaining that continues today. #grovestandfresh


The Lemon Cookbook: 50 Sweet & Savory Recipes to Brighten Every Meal by Ellen Jackson, April 2015, As a main ingredient or an aromatic accent, the distinct flavor of Lemon is part of virtually every cuisine in the world. Now the best of these zesty ideas come together in a truly vibrant collection. Lemons add a fresh, tangy burst of flavor to both sweet and savory dishes and have a way of making all the other ingredients in a dish shine. From savory meals like Meyer Lemon Risotto to sweet treats like Lemon Verbena and Blackberries, and Lemongrass Lemonade, here are delicious recipes featuring the bright flavor of Lemons. Inexpensive, easy to find, and simple to cook with, they’re also good for you, containing a hit of vitamin C. #homemadestyle


Ralph Lauren Monticello Paint, Ralph Lauren’s RLVM236 shade, available from the Vintage Masters lifestyle colors, adds depth and warmth to any decor. Monticello Yellow is a custom paint formulated by Ralph Lauren Home, originally developed for the restoration project that formulated the paint that would be used on the walls at Thomas Jefferson’s ‘Monticello.’ Not the subtle sort of pale, dusky yellow one might imagine would accent the walls of Thomas Jefferson’s historic home in Virginia, but what has been described as a brilliant Yellow that is an homage to the progressive vision of the man who lived there. One of the reasons Jefferson himself was thought to have chosen the paint was the effect it would have created during softly lit dinner parties, before the advent of electricity. “You can just imagine that in the evening hours it was a really warm, extremely fabulous color,” said Susan Stein, the Richard Gilder senior curator and vice president for museum programs at Monticello. “With just a little bit of candlelight, it has a warm and inviting glow to it.” A color, when contrasted with two coordinating colors, Brilliant White and Bone Black, and rich wood tones, just sings. #brightidea

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