Fall Into Beauty

The beginning of the end of Summer is upon us as we fade into Fall. To me, Fall feels more like a time of renewal and rebirth than any other season. It means crisp air, Nature’s palette at her best, fresh wardrobe, new pens and notebooks, and a haircut. It means starting new routines, refreshing beauty rituals, and adding to interiors, and although The Artful Living Blog hasn’t formally been in school for a long time, we still look forward to all the new subjects we want to learn about, the books we hope to cozy up to and the focused writing sessions for the blog and elsewhere. It’s a time to get spruced up, embrace your inner nerd, and turn over a new leaf. Here are some fabulous finds with Autumnal hues, artistry and romance, to Fall Into Beauty Love.


Maiyet Dress, The Maiyet Pre-Fall 2015 Collection celebrates Emilie Floge captured through the lens of Malike SibideEmilie Floge, best known as the muse of Gustav Klimt, was a fashion designer and business woman. She also had one of the largest textile and embroidery collections of her time. You can see her creative mix of print, pattern and texture in both Klimt’s paintings and photographs of her from the early 20th century. Malike Sibide is a Malian photographer known for his black and white photography in the 60’s and 70’s. Thrown together in this collection, you get the contemporary attitude of Malike’s subjects combined with the soft yet eclectic print, pattern and embroidery expression of Emilie Floge. Maiyet is an inspired design driven brand that celebrates rare artisanal skills, and revives ancient techniques to elevate the next generation of master craftsmen from places such as India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Mongolia, and Peru. #globaldesign


J.Crew Rhodes Blazar, It’s sad but true, Summer is almost over. If you aren’t quite ready to quit flowy dresses and other summertime wardrobe loves, pull together your look with a blazer. Slim and tailored, J. Crew’s newest blazer is made from wrinkle-resistant wool from Comero, a family-owned mill in Italy. Finished with Gold buttons, patch pockets and a contrast felt collar that looks even better popped. Genius. Dressed up or down Fall wardrobe essential. The cult of J.Crew has blossomed since the Jenna Lyons coronation as Creative Head in 2008, the company once known for its preppy Nantucket ancestry has become a force in fashion, with the unconventional Lyons at the center of its evolution. She has created a high-low look that reflects her own boy-girl style -androgyny with some sequins and a dash of nerdy glasses. J. Crew always gets casually chic and perennially classic color right. #sartorialstar


Lotuff Leather Slingback, In hand-selected, tumbled, vegetable-tanned leather, this beautiful, versatile bag is more than just a backpack. It’s also a tote and a shoulder bag. The two back straps can be pulled upwards through the top to transform the bag into a tote with an 8″ handle drop, perfect for in-hand or on-shoulder carry. Bring the straps back down and the bag is a backpack once again, ready for hands-free travel. The unlined interior provides ample room, and the bag can be compacted and brought close to the body by adjusting the collar buttons on the interior straps. Crafted in New England. For Lotuff the ‘Made in America’ label is an end that dictates the means. It is what happens before it is embossed on that matters -the process of empowering people to be thoughtful, careful and invested in the creation of a fine item. The ethos of American craftsmanship stays with Lotuff at every point during production. #artisanamerican


From The Road Sama Color Block Scarf, From changing leaves to couture runways, the color Red is everywhere this season. Its rich variety of tones and shades create a bold and powerful palette, perfect for the heavier knits, sumptuous textures, and ornate accent pieces that signify the arrival of Fall fashion. In the spirit of embracing the trend, the beautiful color blocking design in this FROM THE ROAD scarf recalls the vivid flicker of a burning flame, an apt complement to the welcome warmth of its cozy cashmere and merino wool blend. FROM THE ROAD founder Susan Easton, who trained as a graphic designer, regularly travels to far-flung corners of the world in search of sublime artistry -all in service of her mission to safeguard and promote heritage traditions that could otherwise be lost to time. From the Road selection represents the best of those discoveries, eclectic jewelry rooted in local aesthetics, soulful knitwear, and a collection of naturally dyed and hand-woven scarves from the Nepalese Himalayas. #craftingheirlooms


Apple Watch Hermès Collection, At Apple’s big event in San Francisco this week, the company announced a partnership with the French luxury-goods company Hermès to provide three new leather straps for the Apple Watch. Imaginatively, Apple is calling it the “Apple Watch Hermès Collection.” It consists of a stainless-steel Apple Watch, in two sizes, paired with one of three signature Hermès leather straps, as well as some special watch dials that match the Hermès aesthetic. Anyone familiar with Hermès will recognize this now-legendary honey-colored ‘Double-Tour’ strap, first introduced in the late 1990’s when the Belgian designer Martin Margiela was working for the French fashion house. It came as a package with the Cape Cod watch and it’s still available. A style that remains today fresh and loose, without sacrificing class. Old World luxury meets Modern Day innovation. #distinctivetime


Repossi White Noise Ring, Gaia Repossi sculptural designs defy the conventions of classic fine jewelry. Exquisitely crafted in Paris from 18K polished Rose Gold from her new collection suggesting the spectral picture of ‘White Noise,’  this wide-band work of art sparkles with pavé Diamonds. Gaia is the third generation to helm her family’s Italian fine jewelry house, Repossi where “we still use the same ateliers as my grandfather and father in northern Italy,” she explains. “The head of the atelier is the same person who worked with my father for 30 years.” Since becoming Creative Director of Repossi in 2007, Gaia has been credited with reviving the storied jewelry house. Marked as a trendsetter within the industry, her references come from her passion for contemporary art and the effects of metal within modern sculpture and architecture. She takes inspiration from the works of Alexander Calder, Cy Twombly, Franz West, Richard Serra and Le Corbusier, as well as the Brutalist, Minimalist and Bauhaus movements. Blending and pushing the boundaries between architecture and traditional high jewelry techniques, Gaia’s designs are characterized by modern, minimalist motifs and the innovative use of complex patterns. #artofthejewel


Strange Invisible Fair Verona Perfume, Fair Verona is inspired by William Shakespeare’s ‘Juliet.’ Well-suited for the season, it contains notes of Citruses, Pink Grapefruit, Jasmine, Cardamom, Green Myrtle, Mimosa and Sandalwood, making it a clean, charming, and somewhat curious fragrance that I happen to love. It morphs into something even more beautiful on the wearer over time, and dare I say into the strange invisible realm, which alludes to an elusive, almost indefinable quality that is more readily experienced than articulated. Formulated by botanical perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis in Venice California, all Strange Invisible bespoke scents are created with certified organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences, that have been carefully extracted to preserve their found-in-nature freshness. Skillfully bringing the romance of Old World perfumery into an entirely modern context. A must-have for the true fragrance connoisseur. #thoughtfulchicnarratives


Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser, Seaweed Toner & Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, My favorite Shamanuti products for Summer into Fall skin maintenance. The dynamic duo, Activated Charcoal Cleanser and Seaweed Toner are a stellar paring. A unique cleanser that utilizes the properties of Activated Charcoal to neutralize acidity and absorb impurities as well as to gently exfoliate the skin with maple extract. Versatile and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. The power-packed toner contains Atlantic kelp, Dead Sea Salt, Tea Tree Oil and freshwater Blue-Green Microalgae. Aside from being refreshing, the toner adjusts pH and refines pores. I love the strong Bergamot and Neroli presence, which has a positive effect on the nervous system being anti-inflammatory, and beneficial vitamins in seaweed help to protect skin against free radicals and restore the body’s natural chemical balance. A weekly Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is just Autumnal beauty ritual icing on the cake. Shamanuti is a tightly curated Cambridge Massachusetts natural skincare line designed to treat and harmonize skin without disturbing the all-important pH balance. Formulated to be simple skincare that works to keep complications to a minimum by using the tools nature has provided for millennia to keep us clear and balanced. #integritybeauty


Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Amazing Grace Lipstick, Inspired by Grace Kelly, this vintage Tea Rose Charlotte Tilbury shade creates an irresistibly classic look for Fall. Enriched with new generation 3-D glowing pigments, for lips that look lit from within. Exclusively enriched with Lipstick Tree extract which protects lips and is a natural anti-oxidant, and Orchid Extract which soothes and hydrates for a soft, buildable cashmere finish. Available in 10 modern-matte shades for all skin tones. London-based makeup artist extraordinaire Charlotte Tilbury launched her highly anticipated revolutionary beauty line in America last year channeling her twenty plus years in the industry, and people have not stopped raving about the luxurious products with glamorous vintage-inspired packaging. Each product includes expert tips for effortless application and transformative results. #prettypolishedperfection


Lucy B Frangipani Bronzing Shimmer Oil, Ideal for late Summer early Fall travelscapes, Frangipani-scented Shimmer Oil hydrates and illuminates skin and hair so you can keep your seasonal glow on. With a fresh light scent and sheer feminine shimmer, gorgeous on all skin tones. Made with organic Coconut, Jojoba and Sunflower Oils, and infused with Lucy B’s signature confidence enhancing Australian Flower Essences -including the magical Boab Tree, Sturt Desert Rose, Southern Cross & Dog Rose. Now available at Anthropologie. Inspired by Australia’s natural beauty and tradition, celebrity makeup artist Lucy Baldock Sacchi and her husband, photographer Marco Sacchi, established Lucy B with a belief that it takes a holistic lifestyle on every level to ultimately transform each person. By including Australian Bush Flower Essences and pure aroma-therapeutic extracts in every product, they have harnessed the power and magic of the Australian botanical apothecary to bring you benefits that go way beyond beauty. The result is a range that helps transform the body, mind and soul. #transcendentbeauty


Essence of Vali Sleep, Sleep is EOV’s most popular blend as it eases people into a peaceful sleep and comforts them during times of stress. Ideal for seasonal transitions. Drift into a relaxing sleep the natural way with soothing and deeply aromatic essences of Lavender Flowers, Cedarwood, Marjoram Leaves and Ylang-Ylang Petals. This comforting and calming concentrate is the most potent of the Sleep Collection. A drop is all it takes. For a bedtime ritual to promote sleep, tip bottle to release a drop onto the corner of the pillowcase. During stressful times, you can put a drop on a tissue and inhale the relaxing aroma. Essence of Vali is a line of 100% natural products for health and wellness that uses the healing energy of plants, crafted in New York by aromatherapist and healing synergist Valerie Bennis. #sweetdreams


Sundance Catalog Saffron Diamond Kantha Quilt, Handprinted fabrics are stitched together by female craftspeople in the traditional kantha technique to create this unique lightweight cotton voile quilt. The ‘Kantha’ stitch is a type of embroidery, and mastering this skill is a tradition of the women in small localities in India. These quilts and shams are made by women artisans who have come to Thar Desert of Rajasthan, India, after the war between India and Pakistan in 1971. Kantha is important to their lives, as it offers employment and income independent of the husband which is critical in these drought-affected areas. The art and tradition of Kantha embroidery is clearly evident in their culture, as they make this type of throw for their homes or for gifts. The Kantha embroidered throw is also prepared as a present crafted by mothers to give to their daughters at the time of their marriage. The women labor over the fabric for a number of years, sometimes even starting from birth, and the giving of the throw is treated as a symbolic gesture with great meaning and sentiment. From Sundance Catalog founded by Robert Redford. Clothing with character. Distinctive furniture. Unexpected home décor. Handmade artisan jewelry. #spiritofheritage


MixedMade Trees Knees Spicy Syrup, Sugar and spice and everything nice. This rich, organic Maple Syrup from a family farm in the Catskills, is infused by hand with a special combination of chili peppers in the Brooklyn kitchens of MixedMade in New York. A great way to tantalize the seasonal taste buds, this Spicy Syrup pairs beautifully with breakfast to dessert, from dust till dawn. MixedMade was founded on the belief that food can taste extraordinary in its simplicity. Every batch is handmade with lots of love and spice, starting with beautiful ingredients sourced from the Hudson Valley, the Catskill Mountains, and the Flushing neighborhood of Queens, then infused, mixed, bottled and shipped from their Brooklyn kitchen. #bitoftheunexpected

JourneyThe Journey: The Fine Art of Traveling By Train, by Sven Ehmann (Editor), Robert Klanten (Editor), Michelle Galindo (Editor), Hardcover, 2015. Trains have always been a cultivated way to travel. The slower rhythm from departure to arrival, the relaxed glide through the landscape, and the shift between city and country fill passengers with great joy and are pleasures waiting to be discovered by the uninitiated. The new book The Journey presents a varied selection of extraordinary travel opportunities by train from around the world. Featuring historic luxury wagons, spectacular panoramic railways, and timeless itineraries, it takes you for a ride through breathtaking canyons and romantic scenery. Striking images, informative geographical material, and personal experiences bring these train adventures, which range from the quick three-hour trip to the transcontinental journey lasting several days, to life. Train travel is without a doubt one of the best ways to decelerate from our fast-paced daily lives. After all, the journey is also a destination.

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