Art Of The Note


People love to mourn the lost art of the handwritten note. There have been scores of articles and books on the subject -and the emotional benefit of a personal notecard in comparison to a typewritten letter is undeniable. But for those with less than perfect handwriting, composing a note by hand can be a daunting and sometimes lengthy endeavor. The recently launched new app Bond Black is out to change that.

Here’s how the invite-only app works: a customer types out a note in the app, and Bond uses its robotics technology to compose a note using the customer’s penmanship or one of 40 handwriting styles in its library. Enabling you to send notes from anywhere in the world as simply as writing a text message. Simply write your note and it will get sealed, stamped and delivered to your recipient. A fee-based Bond Black membership includes a consultation with Bond’s concierge, set-up, 120 bespoke hand-engraved cards and envelopes -made of 100 percent French-made cotton, unlimited concierge service, and access to Bond’s customized iPhone app. A customer can also have their own personal handwriting imported into the Bond’s system using ​computational analysis. ​#bespokenotes #sendyoursentiment

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